Missions Minute

Missions Minute
April 3, 2016

Last week, you read here that David and Sue Linton were instrumental in translating The Jesus Film for various people groups around the world. Let's see what the months-long process looks like:

1. Lintons (and others) gather a group of local people who speak an unwritten language as their first language. These people also need to speak the language of the existing Jesus Film so they can translate it accurately.

2. Group splits into several mini-groups to listen to the Jesus Film script & create a rough draft

3. Mini-groups cross check rough draft from other mini-groups to avoid bad wording

4. Other groups "back translate" from the "new" language to the old

5. Suggestions for improvement are made and the whole process loops AGAIN

6. Consultants check new draft for theology accuracy

7. Voice actors are called in to begin recording

8. Experts on technical work like dubbing and film editing tweak video

**Are you exhausted yet?!
**PLEASE keep the Lintons and their translation teams in prayer this week!
    March 27, 2016
  • The Jesus Film:

    The Jesus Film is based on the gospel of Luke and tells the true Biblical account of Jesus. It explains that people were born sinners and that we all need a Savior. Then it tells of how Jesus Christ came to earth to fulfill that role, to save us from being separated from God eternally. He offers everyone forgiveness if we will follow Him.

    Many language groups around the world do not have the Bible in their "heart language". Instead, they may hear it as a rough translation. To help remedy that problem, The Jesus Film has been translated into 1,300 languages!

    Our missionaries, David & Sue Linton work with native speakers of unwritten languages to translate this film. Other missionaries, including Dan Haynes in Niger and Roxana Espinoza in Peru, use The Jesus Film to help them reach people with Christ's message. 

    When you give to Vernon Baptist Church, you help people all over the world, from villages in the Amazon Rain Forest to high-rise apartments in East Asia to hear about God's love for them. Thank you for giving.
    March 20, 2016

  • A few years ago, some of us met a French student by the name of Claire Albert who had come to Syracuse University to see what the Christians were doing on campus. She wanted to observe how Christian college students reached out to others so that she could go back to France and do something similar there. Claire became friends with Mark & Elaine Quick and keeps in touch via email.

    Claire recently wrote to let us know how her ministry in Toulouse, France is going. Her email tells us about a new Christian student, Melanie. Melanie comes to group meetings often and usually brings friends so she can share her faith. Melanie soon told other Christians in her hometown what was happening at college, so now the "home" friends want to form an outreach similar to the one Claire formed after visiting Syracuse! Claire is helping them set up a discipleship program where they can all grow together in Christ.

    Isn't that exactly how Christ's message grows? How excited are YOU to share your faith? Start today by telling someone how God has worked in your life!
    March 6, 2016
  • March 6, 2016

    Missions Minute with the New Hope Children's Home

    Do you have a favorite book? Maybe it's C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia or The Help by Katherine Stockett. (Both are really good!) Have you ever considered buying the SPANISH version of the book?

    Now is your chance! In January 2015, the children of New Hope learned the tragic news that their friend and mentor, Emily Coates, had passed away unexpectedly. She started connecting with New Hope when she was just twenty-four years old, and the children grew to love her through her many visits and letters. As a tribute, a memorial fund in Emily's honor was established by her friends and family.

    One of the first projects to be supported through these gifts is a two-part library. During the last five months, a forest themed library, complete with bookshelf-trees and woodland-green floor paint, is for the younger children, and the world themed library was constructed for the older students. Right now, most of the shelves are empty. You can change that!

    To contribute to the first book collection, purchase a Spanish copy of your favorite book online and have it shipped to: Bethel Baptist Church; PO Box 70; Prospect, NY 13435 before April 15. 

    (If you shop at smile.amazon.com, you can also donate to New Hope with every purchase you make! Enjoy your shopping.)