Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision
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Our Mission:
The Vernon Baptist Church exists to glorify God


helping people come to know and become like


Our Priorities:
We will therefore emphasize the following priorities in our church’s ministry.
Priority 1:
          Reaching out like Jesus – helping God’s people become involved in redemptive relationships with the lost.
Priority 2:
          Loving like Jesus – helping God’s people become involved in accountable relationships with their fellow members.
Priority 3:
          Worshiping like Jesus – inspiring God’s people toward greater spiritual discipline and whole hearted devotion to God.
Priority 4:
          Serving like Jesus – equipping God’s people for ministry and involving them in it.

Our Vision
We dream of a church where …
     People are excited about God and what He is doing.  They are living in eager anticipation of their Lord’s return.  They often “brag” about their church to family, friends, and coworkers and invite them to regular services and special events.  Baptisms occur and new members are added on a monthly basis as members practice lifestyle evangelism and new converts are assimilated into the body.
We dream of a church where …
     Ministries are fully staffed and leadership is expanding as members discern their calling and learn to use their gifts in ministry.  It is not unusual to see young people and others answer the call to full time vocational ministry and missions.  The impact of our ministry is felt both locally and around the world, and the people of Vernon and the surrounding towns hold the Vernon Baptist Church in high regard.  They know we are here.  Offerings consistently exceed budgets and multiple staff members are employed.
We dream of a church where …
     Prayer infuses everything with a sense of God’s presence, while accurate, relevant Bible teaching provides a strong foundation for all of church life, including vibrant worship and small group ministries.  The Vernon Baptist Church is known as a place where people of all ages can find God.  People entering our fellowship are impressed by the grace, love, and holy awe they immediately sense within the congregation.