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Name: Misty Coller
Hello! Good job on the website, Pastor! Keep up the good work, and let me know if I can help with any updates.

For those of you who don't know our little church, I have been raised here and love it to the very depths of my soul. God is certainly evident in the people here, even through our humanity. Please let us know how we can best show His love to the community and surrounding areas. We look forward to meeting new people, so come visit when you can.

Name: Sylvia Murdock
Location: Bolivar, Missouri
I was roaming on my laptop and looking for long ago memories and found this site, We remember the church from our NY days. My husband, Burton Murdock, was NY State Director from 1981-1993 and our memories from those days are happy, thankful ones. Blessings on you all. Sylvia

Name: Kimberly
Location: Allen
Been. Living at Sylvan Beach, for a year. Looking to find a home church. Currently from NC.

Name: Walt and Kate McCullough
Location: Munnsville
We are moving to NY from First Baptist Church, Davenport, Florida and looking for a church home. At the moment we are living in our motorhome and looking for a house.

Name: Scott Vineall
Location: Sylvan Beach, NY
For once I have nothing to say except nice site.

Name: Gary Caton
Location: Narvon, PA
Just here checking out the website. It looks great. I am listening to one of Pastor Dave's messages even as I type.

Name: keijo leppioja
Location: Sverige
Jesus is coming and that will inspire me to wash me by the word and set us to expect him in your the Chruch with love to God and be fild of the HOly Spirit right now are very great happines in joy,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden

Name: John Denison
Location: Oneida
Checking to see if I can download Podcast.

Name: Suzanne Palmer
Location: Munnsville, NY

Name: Angela M.
Location: Vernon C.
May the blessings of this ministry be multiplied!

Name: bill
Location: vernon
How great is our God? Consider...eyelids!

Name: Thomas Baker Jr
Location: Utica
Glad the site is up n running, giving more power to spead the Word

Name: Kay Brown
Location: Clark Mills, NY
The website looks great! I hope you will be adding more messages. Also, a blog from Pastor would be helpful if time would allow.

Name: Jerry Blais
Great beginning to your site!

Name: JoAnn Kelly
Location: Utica
Checking out site

Name: Nona Baker
Location: Vernon Center
Checked for the first time

Name: Noel Palmer
Location: Munnsville
Stopped by to check out what's new on the site so far!

Name: David Johnson
Location: Vernon
Testing the site guest book.